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Alan Greenspan is a fucking idiot.

This numb-nut statist says he was “mistaken” about markets and how they operate. (See here.) Golly. We need more regulation from the oh-so-wise politicians who created the current financial mess wreaking havoc with our economy. Yeah. More poison for the poison victim. That’s the prescription for health.

Or maybe Greenspan is simply growing old and senile.

Nicolas Sarkozy is a fucking idiot.

The president of that bastion of liberty, France, claims that capitalism must be “refounded...on the basis of ethics and work.” (See here.) Gee. I guess involuntary interactions and the imposition of coercive force are the new foundations for morality. And, of course, “work” never factored into any aspect of the capitalist system over the past few centuries. Sarkozy says “laissez-faire” is finished. Of course, how something that has never existed can be at end baffles me. As does the fantasy that a free market is not “constrained by any rules” or that the hampered market we have had since always was ever void of any “political intervention” or that market decisions are “always right.”

Or maybe this collectivist pig is a complete ignoramus who wouldn’t know “liberty” or the “free-market” or “capitalism” if they bit him in the ass.

George W. Bush is a fucking idiot.

Our prez declares that he believes in freedom while destroying the Constitution via various PATRIOT Acts, executive orders, signing statements, and the creation of such abominations as the TSA, Homeland Security, and the increased nationalization of education, health care, and our financial system. Sure. He says that we don’t torture people while torturing them. He states that he will save the free market by making it even more unfree.

Or maybe this clever dolt is merely channeling messages from god.

Barack Obama is a fucking idiot.

This rather elegant gentlemen with two mouths tells us that he, personally, will fix all that ails us. Okay. He’ll give us all the health care we want; all the daycare we want; all the education we want; all the money we want; all the security we want. Wow. And he’ll do all this by stealing even more money from the productive members of society and giving it to the parasites; by destroying what little remains of the quality of our health care and education by making them “free” and fining and/or jailing those who refuse to obey his orders; by invading even more countries and sending even more of our soldiers to die pointless deaths in foreign lands. And, oh. Don’t forget: he will happily rob you of your guns, so you’ll be completely helpless at the hands of predators, especially ones wearing uniforms.

Or maybe he really believes that “change” is great, regardless of what changes and how, even if it’s for the worse.

John McCain is a fucking idiot.

This relic lusts after power so he can make up for the power he lost as a prisoner of war in a North Vietnamese prison. He wants to “win” the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to make up for losing the Vietnam war. Yowsa. He pretends to be a “maverick” while supporting nearly every statist and collectivist pipe dream that comes down the pike. He violates the First Amendment with his stupid campaign finance “reform” law while helping to ensure that only insiders can afford to run for national office with more money involved than ever before. He pretends to be different from his opponent even though any differences are purely trivial, superficial, and meaningless.

Or maybe this moron will get his wish, and the U.S. will be in Iraq for another hundred years. Hell, we’ve been in Korea for nearly sixty years, already.

Colin Powell is a fucking idiot.

This retired general and cabinet secretary should have stayed retired. He thinks a valid reason to endorse and to vote for someone (i.e., Obama) is that he “is a transformational figure.” (See here.) Yeow. Hitler was a transformational figure. So was Mao. And Stalin. And Pol Pot. This lying piece of shit helped get us into the current mess in Iraq. Now he plays the “elder” statesman and expects people to be swayed by his air-headed opinions.

Or maybe this political opportunist is just laying the groundwork for a job in an Obama administration. They deserve each other.

Nearly every American adult is a fucking idiot.

Anyone who falls for the piles of manure spewing from the mouths of incumbents and challengers running for political office is a fucking idiot. Anyone who thinks — excuse me, feels — that the role of the president is to “run the country” rather than defend our individual rights is a fucking idiot. Anyone who wants to be “taken care of” by the government (i.e., have the politicians steal from his neighbors to buy him things) is a fucking idiot. (Well. We will be “taken care of” by the State, but only in the sense of the Mob “taking care” of someone...) Anyone who pretends that rights don’t matter, that the Constitution doesn’t matter, that liberty doesn’t matter, that personal autonomy doesn’t matter, that personal responsibility doesn’t matter, that honesty, independence, integrity, and justice don’t matter, that reason and morality and liberty don’t matter is a fucking idiot.

Most importantly, anyone who believes he has a right to one penny of my money, one second of my life, one moment of my existence is a fucking idiot...and my sworn enemy.

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 10-28-08)