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Objectivist and libertarian warmongers often erroneously claim that anyone stating that the U.S. bears some responsibility for 9-11 are "America haters." As a general statement, this is, of course, absurd. Despite the sophistry of some Objectivist warmongers, to “understand X” is not the same as to “excuse X.” More often, we seek understanding of how and why something bad happened so we can correct the situation and avoid it in the future.

Compare what some freedom-lovers have said regarding past government actions around the world with this from essayist Charley Reese about the private use of guns:

The best self-defense tactic is to avoid putting yourself in a position where you will need to shoot. The majority of violent crimes are committed in certain neighborhoods. You know where they are. Stay out of them. Don't mope about looking vulnerable. Secure your home and secure your car. You don't have to be grim to be alert.

A peaceful person who is attacked or robbed is most emphatically not responsible for the attack itself, regardless of where he goes. BUT...anyone who blithely blunders about in “certain neighborhoods”; anyone who acts as though his innocence gives him a shield of invulnerability; and, worse, anyone who deliberately pokes at a figurative hornets’ nest, daring the less-savory among us to indulge in their irrational violence at our expense; any such individual is most definitely responsible FOR BEING FRAKKING STUPID. It is irrational and self-destructive to ignore reality — even a reality that “shouldn’t be” — and pretend that one’s wishes for peaceful coexistence do or will, in fact, create such a context. Willful ignorance is immoral.

To that extent, the governmental officials — and that segment of the American public that supported them — who conceived and implemented our disastrous foreign policies are responsible for what happened on 9-11.

Even more immediately and more damning, those bastards who made it virtually impossible for pilots, crews, and passengers to DEFEND THEMSELVES as the Second Amendment guarantees should be convicted and executed for the mass murders that their unconstitutional and immoral actions made possible. A murderer is, indeed, solely responsible for the deaths of those he kills. But those who DISARMED those victims and robbed them of their ability to withstand the assaults of these human jackals and hyenas are equally at fault for their outrageous violations of rights and common sense.

Freedom, rights, and morality do not require that we “project forward force” or poke our armed noses into every pesthole around the world.

We need to “stay out of” those “certain neighborhoods.” Let them destroy themselves.

We need to “avoid putting” ourselves in situations where we “will need to shoot.” Let the crazies of the world clash with their equally nutsoid adversaries and destroy each other.

We need to “secure our home.” Let those bastards dare leave their cesspools of irrationality, and we will destroy them.

The true “America haters” are those who equate the State with our nation; who applaud and promote policies that bring ruin to American lives and American freedoms; who eagerly spend the lives of our soldiers and the wealth of others for less than nothing.

That, I do, indeed, hate.

(from Don’t Get Me Started!, 2-04-08