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Smoking Guns

That paragon of virtue and a man who killed more people with his automobile than I ever have with my guns –– Ted Kennedy –– once again makes a bold move against the Constitution and the First Amendment. As a confirmed smoking fascist, TK wants to restrict ads for cigarettes in magazines that might be seen (the horrors!) by children. (See here.) (Ah, yes. “For the Children.” [See link for my views on that...] Ach. Patooie.)

Wotta dick.

Guess someone never told him that after years of anti-smoking ads and the general demonization of tobacco and smokers (the New Niggers! Treat them like crap! They deserve it and will take it!), smoking among young people has actually risen! (See here.)

Talk about blow ( back...

(And Disney has now made smoking verboten in all its movies. And smoking is being edited out of cartoons. And some idiots people want to have any movies with cigarettes automatically rated R. Oy.)

Ain’t No One Here But Us Rats

Lessee. Rummy Rumsfeld and all those high-falutin’ folks in the Pentagon say, nope, uh-uh, no cover-up here regarding the death-by-friendly-fire killing of soldier Pat Tillman. (See here.) According to Rummy, he “would not engage in a cover-up.” (Ha-ha! It is to laugh. WMDs, anyone?) The military types “are men of enormous integrity.” (Hee-hee. Giggle. Torture, anyone?) The system didn’t work. (Chortle!) What didn’t “work” was the lies these bastards and those under them tried to pawn off on Tillman’s family and the rest of America as propaganda to prop up their unconstitutional and unnecessary war.

“Fighting to preserve our freedom,” my ass.

Pots and Kettles

As for US Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales... Excuse me while I go throw up.

The nimnuls in Congress should quit worrying about the firing of some stupid statist attorneys and impeach all the criminals in the White House for their illegal war and their raping of what little remained of the Constitution.

Oh, wait. That won’t work. They would have to impeach themselves, as well.

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 8-02-07)