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When did Americans become sniffling, groveling, whining cowards?

Why do Americans tremble in fear of pissant terrorists? Of postage stamp nations of no importance? Of petty dictators? Of “threats” from loud-mouthed punks who squeak from their hidey holes?

Why do Americans quake in their boots at the mere thought of getting sick? Of being homeless? Of having no insurance? Of being fat? Of not having Medicare or Social Security?

Why do Americans verge on tears at the prospect of paying for their own education and that of their kids? Of paying for their own health care and that of their kids? Of paying to have kids and raise them?

Why do Americans whimper in apprehension of a bunch of foreigners who don’t speak English and are willing to do jobs that Americans don’t want for pay Americans won’t accept? 

Why do Americans break into a cold sweat at the idea of climate changing? Of someone having a higher standard of living? Of driving or flying or staying warm in winter and cool in summer? Of someone, somewhere enjoying himself?

Why do Americans wilt in despair at having folks decide for themselves how to build their homes? Of homeowners painting their kitchen walls or remodeling a room without permission? Of moving to the country or having elbow room?

Why do Americans shake with anxiety at the idea of a peaceful, law-abiding person carrying a gun openly or concealed? Of people using gold for money? Of adults consuming recreational drugs or paying for sex? Of consenting same-sex adults having intercourse and forming a legal bond? Of men or women having multiple husbands or wives? Of having private companies deliver our mail, run our roads, provide our schools, safeguard our food and drugs? Of having individuals sell parts of their own bodies? Of catching a faint whiff of tobacco smoke? Of business owners setting their own prices for housing and gas and water, especially during a natural disaster?

Why do Americans cry in dread at an unkind word or racist remark or off-color joke?

Americans need to grow up and grow a pair. They need to have courage, be self-confidence, accept personal-responsibility, earn self-esteem, be self-aware.

Americans need to realize that being afraid is okay. What is not okay is to let fear win and to hand the reins of their lives to arrogant scum bags; to become “helpless” or to become “victims”; to be enslaved by self-proclaimed “rescuers” or to enslave others in the name of helplessness and victimhood.

Americans are afraid of freedom but are unafraid of embracing censorship, theft, robbery, torture, murder, and slavery in order to escape that fear.

Of that, you should be very afraid.

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 10-28-08)