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People can be idiots. (And, no, you, whoever you are, I do not mean that these folks are literally idiots, i.e., with an I.Q. below idiot...) (Interestingly, an “imbecile” used to be classified as someone with an I.Q. 20 to 49; a “moron” was someone with I.Q. 50 to 69. See here.) I mean, some people are so deliberately obtuse, so blind to facts, so self-deceptive, so sanctimonious in their blatant ignorance, so arrogant in their overweening assertion that they have the right to dictate how others should live that they deserve to be branded “idiots.” Indeed, I have contemplated running a counterpart to my “Gold Standard Defenders of Freedom” list and starting an “Idiots Hall of Infamy” list.

Maybe later...

Here I want to contemplate the evils of Ronald McDonald and how he has singlehandedly destroyed the future of American children. (Oh, we do it all “For the Children.” Blech. Patooie.) Recently, all the media idiots are making a big frickin’ deal over the fact that ignorant little kids rate food or drink more highly when placed in McDonald’s containers or wrappers rather than in plain wrappers. (Though why the uninformed opinions of kids should trump the judgments of adults and dictate how we should live our lives is beyond my ken. Idiots.)

The Today Show recently had a discussion (if you will) between Donny Deutsch, an advertising executive (see here), and Susan Linn, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, “moderated” by host Meredith Vieira. Deutsch has his own ad company while Linn is “co-founder of the...Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood” (see here) (Her site — “Consuming Kids” — about says it all: she believes that “All aspects of children's lives — their health, education, creativity, and values — are at risk of being compromised by their status in the marketplace.” Poor, helpless tykes... Better take away their checkbooks and credit and debit cards before they are “exploited” and robbed of their youthful innocence. Oh, wait a minute... What checks and cards???)

Linn is not merely concerned with “branding” and how it “trumps sensory input,” that is, “how children taste things,” she wants much more. She says that “of course, parents have responsibility”....BUT...she still blames advertising for its evil influences. It is advertising she wants to control...even though she says that the responsibility is the parents; in other words, the responsibility is one that...includes no responsibility! It’s “corporate responsibility” that is the culprit that “undermine[s] parental authority...bypass[es] parents and target[s] children directly.”

As Donny says, the obesity issue is irrelevant in regard to advertising: it’s “up to the parents!” “It is the parents’ responsibility.” Linn’s position “is insane!” (YES!) Corporations who are not responsible to their customers would soon “be out of business.” (Of course!) He’s tired of “disempowering adults.” (Indeed!) The answer to fattening foods? “Don’t buy them!” (Wow! What a novel concept.”)

Linn, of course, claims that “we are not talking about disempowering adults.” (Bullshit she is not.) Why do we “allow” corporations to (she repeats) “undermine...and...bypass” and “to make it that much harder to be a parent.” (Ah! Poor put-upon parents...) “Aren’t children important to all of us?” (Ah, yes. Your children are mine. We all have a “stake” in them. Wonderful collectivism.) After all, children are the “infrastructure of this country.” (Oh, yeah. Children the equivalent of bridges and roads and water pipes. “Resources” to be used by others as statist leaders such as Linn decide they should be used.)

What should be done? We should “let” (yes, we will “let” you exist) corporations “make money” but (BUT...) “let them do it within a set of laws that actually protect children.” Donny asks, “Who will decide?” Linn didn’t get a chance to answer, but one need not be a psychic to divine her response: who will decide? People like Linn want to use the coercive power of the State to force others to behave as she and her ilk want them to act. That is who will decide. Corporations and parents can act only with permission and in accordance with the decisions of others who have no financial stake in the matter nor any right to intrude on what other peaceful adults want to do. How to respond to advertising designed to attract children will not be left to parents’ responsibility but will fall under the purview of the State. Ultimately, Linn wants to ban/outlaw any children-centered advertising.

The First Amendment? Screw it. Parental responsibility? Can’t be trusted to protect their own children.

Too-faced, hypocritical, lying bwitch.

No, no. Let me tell you what I really think about such statist/collectivist idiots...

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 8-10-07)