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NBC news continues its relentless and one-sided propaganda for “going Green.” Tonight, they were touting the wondrous qualities of eco-hangers, an alternative to metal hangers for dry-cleaners to use. The reporter mentioned some possible modest money-savings in adopting these completely “biodegradable” hangers. If they work well to fulfill a task and save people cash, too, then wonderful. Great. Go for it.

But...proclaiming that people — or worse, “society” — should do “X” because that action is “good for the planet” is the biggest pile of crap uttered by the eco-nauts in their relentless quest to sail us into their Utopian and destructive vision of the future.

In case no one has noticed: The planet does not care about ANYTHING.

In order to do “good” for something, that thing has to be capable of utilizing values. As Ayn Rand made abundantly clear, only living entities can have values.

Hello! Knock-knock! The planet — the earth — is not alive. There is nothing “good” that can be done for it or that it would “know” about or “benefit” from. Values do not apply to “the planet.”

Yes, yes. The “earth” includes plants and animals and bugs and microbes. (Though to the really radical eco-fascists, people don’t qualify as part of “the planet.” They are merely intrusive invaders deserving of having their numbers culled by disease and devastation or, better still, have them all eliminated from “Gaia.”)

But notice the collectivism inherent in reifying “the planet.” The ecos do not talk about doing “X” as something good for a particular plant or animal or even for people. That is not their guiding principle. No. They talk about “Gaia” or “the earth” or “the planet” as though everything that exists here — plants, rocks, animals, people — are all an undifferentiated mass, no part better or more worthy than another. Egalitarians of the darkest kind, eco-fascists seek to degrade human uniqueness under the suffocating mantel of what is “good for the planet.”

Now, I am with Rand, who supposedly said that if we each cleaned in front of our own homes, there would be no need for street sweepers. What she meant, of course, is that we should all practice individual responsibility. Clean up your own litter. Pay for hauling away your own garbage. Don’t pollute (and let us not forget that “waste” is not the same as “pollution”). Use as much water or food or plastic or energy as you long as YOU pay the (unsubsidized) cost.

Using what is “good for the planet” to guide one’s choices and actions is a horrible principle to follow. It drops the context of values, that is, what is good to whom and for what, and substitutes a collectivist anti-concept that is antithetical to actual living, breathing human beings. Attempting to follow such an “ideal” will most certainly lead to a worsening and diminution of the quality of life for us and our descendants.

The real principle to follow, of course, is:


This should be considered, naturally, in the full context of human life. Living in a cesspool or dumping your junk on others’ property or drinking tainted water are hardly in keeping with rational values.

But violating individual rights, stealing individual property by passing stupid “recycling” laws or mandating gas mileage standards or having State-owned garbage collection or sewer treatment plants or stealing money from one group of people to subsidize water usage or anything else is exactly the wrong way to deal with the environmentally related issues facing us today. Indeed, involving the State in such concerns in any fashion beyond protecting rights and property virtually guarantees making matters worse and resulting in negative unintended consequences...which will then be used to justify still more destructive government intervention.

So — given the way the eco-fascists misuse the phrase above — screw the planet.

Freedom and property (including one’s money) and rational values are the only tools we need to handle these kinds of problems.

People first. Always. And forever.

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 8-23-07)