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Excuse me a moment while I wipe this tear from my eye... There... Ah... (*sniff*)

I can’t decide if these are tears of laughter or sadness. Both, I suppose. After all, what is one to think when, hard on the heels of a trillion-plus dollar (interest included) “stimulus” bill that our Messiah-in-Chief just signed, he has the temerity (idiocy? cupidity? stupidity?) to call for “cutting the deficit”!

Pay no attention to that man behind the screen!

Ah, yes! The best way to “balance” the budget, to be “responsible,” to “pay-as-we-go” is to create a spending bill that dwarves all previous exercises in legalized theft. Not only that, the Magician-in-Chief proposes nearly a half-trillion more dollars in spending this year.

Yeah, man! That’s the way to reduce our debt! Spend even more money that the State does not have!

Oh, sure. the Liar-in-Chief says that when his magic beans grow into a giant stalk, the tax revenues will stream into the coffers of the State and bridge any shortfalls between expenses and credits. By golly, this “new” economy will do what has never been accomplished in the history of mankind: we will be prosperous beyond our wildest dreams through the largesse of spending our way to wealth! After all, nearly every prominent yapping head on TV, radio, and elsewhere assures us that it is consumer spending that is the primary economic engine of our nation. Not such silliness as production of wealth that the producers can then invest in other wealth producing ventures which can then be used to buy consumer goods. Oh, no. Oh, no. Spending first and foremost. Spend what you haven’t produced. That’s how you produce things.

Right? Right?

Barely a month in office and already the Hypocrite-in-Chief has produced a wealth of nonsense that towers above all the frakking B.S. of any and all of his equally immoral and destructive predecessors.


Sorry. There I go again...

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 2-24-09)