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Go to nearly any high school or college classroom and proclaim that “reality” exists, that it is, indeed, possible to be “rational” and “objective,” that one “should be rational and objective,” that the meaning of our concepts is “objective” and refers to the things classified by that concept, that there is only “one valid morality,” that “it is possible and proper to state that one person is wrong and another is right,” that “absolutes do exist,” and you will be assured that, no, oh, no, such things as the nature of “definitions” or “concepts” or “morality” or “judgment” is all just “a matter of opinion,” that one person’s or culture’s or nation’s “opinion” is just as valid as any other, that “it’s all relative.”

If you make a judgment about some policy or law or aspect of human action or interaction, with profound seriousness, the students or teachers will pronounce “that may be true for you but not for someone else”; that “other countries believe in a different ethics”; that “no one can judge another person or culture or group.”

This is, of course, pure and unadulterated bullsh— nonsense.

Try to declare that the latest tax increase at the local or state or national level is simply another example of legalized theft...

Try to claim that victim disarmament — of any kind and to any degree — is immoral and a violation of our rights...

Try to state that “might does not make right” or that “the ends never justify the means”...

Try to judge as evil those who want to tighten the noose around your neck while pretending they are doing so “for your own good” or for the “good of society”...

Try to point out that immigration restrictions violate freedom of association...

Try to explain that no one has a right to health care or a job or retirement benefits or a home or an education or a car or food or clothing or companionship or any good or service that is provided by unwilling others...

Try to argue that your life, your money, and your property belong to you and to no one else, that they are your responsibility and you alone get to decide how those values are or are not used...

Try to do any of this and these academics — and, to be honest, most Americans — will come down on you like the Hammer of Thor.

And these are the good and true positions to hold. Try to be racist or sexist, try to utter what “someone,” somewhere perceives as a racial or ethnic slur, try to promote discrimination or hatred or any other non-PC or actually negative position, and you may suffer legal sanctions for what is your “opinion” that is not supposed to be “judged” by anyone else and that is supposed to be just as “valid” as the “opinions” of those who will gleefully and vigorously persecute and prosecute you for your “opinion.”

Huh. Go figure.

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 3-04-09)