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The new president has ascended to his office with all the orgiastic adoration his worshipping sycophants could muster. The second coming of Christ could hardly generate more enthusiastic blindness. Crying, praying, singing, the faithful welcomed their new messianic leader with the surety of true believers. Their man will lead them all to the promised land of government control, handouts, and planetary salvation.

All nonsense, of course. I can readily and easily predict that — if the prez and his Congressional accomplices do even a fraction of what they say they mean to do — we will lose even more of what little remains of our liberty. Like a junkie given a fix, the economy may perk up for a bit after a trillion dollars more is injected into our nation’s money supply, but in the longer term, the nation will sink deeper into its addictive doldrums as the poison of governmental intervention courses through our collective veins. Beyond spending what we don’t have, the government will likely ensnare even more of the health care system in its web, further decreasing quality while simultaneously increasing costs and waste. Our state-run “education” will expand its propagandistic support of paternalistic government, the specter of dire “climate change,” the “dangers” of self-defense, and the horrors of what they falsely label “capitalism.” Our military forces will extend their reach into Afghanistan even if they modestly decrease their presence in Iraq. Imperialism will remain alive and well.

None of that will matter to those who gaze longingly into the fresh face of their idol, a man with little experience and even less appreciation for freedom and the U.S. Constitution.

No. The focus of so much attention by so many people is not on what the 44th president believes — the “content of his character” — but rather on the color of his skin. The first “black” — excuse me: “African-American” — president.

But then, Obama is not really “black,” is he.

If “race” even means anything in a world where so many people have shared genes with those of other “races,” then the president is half-white and half-black; a mulatto. Somehow, though, being half black automatically makes him “black.” Why is that? I’m reminded of an old movie where an Antebellum white lady learns she has a black ancestor. She is immediately stripped of her freedom and made a slave.

Why? Why does a drop of “black blood” make one black? Why does not “white blood” make one white?

Yes, the president has dark skin. But it is a sign that implicit — and sometimes explicit — racism is alive and well that such a mixed heritage labels him as “black.” Traditional white racists hate the president simply because he is “black.” Black (and many nontraditional white) racists love the president simply because he is “black.” 

Sure. It’s nice that our nation has progressed enough in this area that a “black” man can be elected president. But this should be nothing more than a fact noted then set aside. Instead, it has become the be-all-and-end-all for far too many people in this country. No matter that the new president will doubtless drive our nation deeper into ruin. The excuses will come quickly and easily for a “black” president.

I don’t care a lick whether the president is white, black, red, yellow, green, or polka dot. I don’t care a whit whether the president is a man or woman or something in-between. I don’t care a smidge if the president is handsome or ugly. What I care about — the ONLY thing I care about in a politician — is whether or not he or she or it will defend my rights, my property, my freedom. Anything and everything else about a politician is irrelevant.

By that standard, Obama will fail as miserably as Bush and Clinton and most of their predecessors over the past century.

Naturally, no one with a national voice will make such a statement. Such folks will continue to focus on irrelevancies such as skin color or what degree of manipulation will be accepted or who is better, Demicans or Republicrats. Institutional racism will continue as a means of control and power, perpetuated by those who most loudly condemn it. Given the politicians’ and citizens’ thirst for illegitimate dominion over their neighbors, we can also be assured that the institutional slavery that characterizes our society will also blossom and flourish.

Odd, isn’t it, that a self-proclaimed “black” president holds up as his ideal a man — Lincoln — who not only was a racist but someone whose so-called “Emancipation Proclamation” freed not a single slave in Confederate lands and specifically exempted any slaves under Union purview? But then — just like Obama — Lincoln’s primary concern was in extending the grasping tentacles of the federal government, not in extending the realm of liberty.

Contradictions? Yes. Do most people give a rat’s ass? No.

For now, the swelling statism staring us in the face is merely business-as-usual. Nothing fundamental nor important has altered for the good with the election of a “black” president. We will know our country has finally “made it” and is deserving of the kind of wild celebrations we witnessed this week only when the person standing on that podium means it when he says that he will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

I won’t be holding my breath.

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 2-20-09)