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How would you go about reforming slavery, given all the problems it currently presents us?

This precisely duplicates the utter pointlessness and immorality of asking how to “reform” any government program that goes beyond defending our individual rights.

One cannot “reform” government-controlled education.

One cannot “reform” government-controlled health care.

One cannot “reform” government-controlled insurance.

One cannot “reform” government-controlled welfare.

One cannot “reform”  government-controlled victim disarmament.

One cannot “reform” government-controlled laws, regulations, departments, controls, agencies, bureaus or anything else that — by its very nature and existence — is a violation of a person’s right to control his or her life, decisions, responsibility, money, or property.

My life belongs to me, and only to me.

My property belongs to me, and only to me.

My money belongs to me, and only to me.

Anything — and I mean anything — that initiates direct or indirect violence/coercion against otherwise peaceful adults is a violation of rights.

Anything — and I mean anything — that seeks to prevent peaceful, voluntary interaction among consenting adults is a violation of rights.

Anything — and I mean anything — that that interferes with freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of self-defense involving only the lives and property of consenting individuals is a violation of rights.

Arguing about how much of one’s neighbors’ lives and money it is permissible to steal is nothing more than a variation on the question of how much is it permissible to enslave other, peaceable individuals.

First acknowledge that you are, indeed, in favor of enslaving other people. Then we can discuss what is truly at stake in all these issues.


I originally posted a variation of the above on the John Stossel message board. Within hours, it was deleted. Gee. I wonder why? Did I state anything that was not the truth? No. Did I commit any logical fallacies? No. Did I engage in any ad hominem attack? No.

Oh, wait. The problem was I did state the truth. When the truth hits too closely to home, I guess it “offends” some people. After all, the immoral don’t relish having someone hold up a mirror to reflect their destructive behavior.

(from Don't Get Me Started!,3-06-08)