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Boy. This sounds like someone who really understands freedom:

“If in this country a simple majority of people can start stripping away the rights of a protected class in the minority, that's a pretty alarming thing.” (See here.)


“It took away the rights of people that already were legally affirmed.”

Ain’t it the truth...

Gun owners — a protected minority whose rights are legally affirmed by the Second Amendment — have their right to own and/or carry weapons infringed on a regular basis. A right is transformed into a privilege due to unconstitutional requirements for permits or registration. Some folks are “legally” forbidden to own any firearms, at all. Nearly everyone is forbidden ownership of fully automatic weapons.

Business owners — a protected minority whose rights are legally affirmed by freedom of association and contract — are deprived of their rights to buy and sell to adults whatever products they want under any conditions mutually agreeable to all parties; to hire or fire whomever they want for whatever reasons they want that do not violate contractual obligations; to act on their own best judgments without interference by the State; to operate without licenses or permits sans the prior restraint of nonobjective laws and regulations that assume their guilt ahead of time.

Individuals — a protected minority whose rights are legally affirmed by the Constitution and natural law — are unable to make their own decisions on consuming drugs or medicines or food; are constricted in their rights to marry whomever they want and however many of “whomevers” they want; have their hard-earned wealth “legally” stolen by taxes and regulations and inflation; are denied their right to anonymity in banking and travel and virtually every other area of life; are prevented from doing what some others view as the “wrong” things; have their rights stripped away every day by those who have sworn to protect and defend those very rights.

Yeah. Pretty alarming stuff.

Too bad that the man who said the above — San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom — wouldn’t know freedom and rights if they bit him on the ass. (His quotes focused solely on California’s recent ban on gay marriage.)

He and his brethren-in-spirit, in California and elsewhere, routinely violate the rights of individuals by “a simple majority” vote. They virulently favor victim disarmament. They arrogantly oppose such imminently useful things such as plastic bags, large, discount stores, and fast food chains. They increase poverty by limiting housing, taxing their citizens to death, and spending money they don’t have. They encourage bad behavior with their subsidies, special privileges for groups they favor, and their condoning of “rights” that do not exist.

These people are shameless in their blind hypocrisy, mirroring Demicans who support “choice” (when in reference to abortion) but oppose “choice” (when it comes to economic issues)...and Republicrats who believe just the opposite..

Everyone — anyone — who enacts and enforces such blatant violations of liberty deserves to be convicted and tossed into jail.

It’s a damned shame that they will not face the consequences of their destructive ideas and actions.

We will.

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 3-05-09)