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It’s bad enough when people misidentify the truth and operate from false information. It’s worse when the person pretends to intelligence but reveals himself to be a prime example of the opposite. When “error” moves from mere ignorance or mistake to willful and stupendous stupidity, well...

I ran across such an egregious display of evasion recently. Not surprisingly, it involved a statist and collectivist outraged that we are “still” discussing Ayn Rand and her premiere novel, Atlas Shrugged. I’m not going to refute his points here. See Atlas Shrugged for the reality of what it says and my hundreds of articles for what freedom, individualism, and morality really mean.

Here is some of the wonderfully insightful hogwash this nimnul wrote:

The Sinister Folly of Ayn Rand

“...deeply sinister and deeply ridiculous...”

“ bad a writer she is...”

“...peculiar brand of free-market totalitarianism...”

“ doesn't take much more than a nutshell to hold her philosophy...”

“...shallow type of libertarianism...”

“...epitomized the kind of childishness shown by libertarians who insist that they have every legal and moral right to own as many guns as they please, pay no taxes, educate their children at home, and live free of any law except those governing, in the most direct manner, their own security and that of their neighbors. A watered-down form of this nonsense today exists in the platform of presidential candidate Ron Paul...”

“Jack Kemp make the hilarious assertion that ‘Adam Smith discovered universal laws, laws that apply to all human beings in all places.’”

“Ayn Rand, in her ignorance and sentimentality, glorified the individual above all other values.”

“...ridiculous and cruel essays in The Romantic Manifesto...”

“ much she had in common with other fascists...”

“I find Rand's and Hitler's idea of the Romantic individual repugnant for the same reason; it is the same Romantic individual. It's no accident that the only group in Europe that takes Rand seriously at all is the neo-Nazis.”

“I am convinced that the true psychological reason Rand hated Hitler and Stalin - a reason, of course, completely unknown to herself - was jealousy.”

Well, there you go. Crazy nonsense.

And the politicians and citizens of this country are selling out our freedom and our rights, scared to death about a pissant bunch of “terrorists,” when BS like this and those who agree with it are the real dangers to this nation.

(from Don't Get Me Started!, 11-21-07)